Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tuition Class

Within 3 km radius from SK Kiaramas, you can't find affordable tuition centre for National Primary School students. None in the area of Tmn SPK, Govt Quarters Jln Duta, Sri Putramas. There were several tuition centres in Sri Sinar, Segambut. I enrolled 3 times meeting a week at Pro-Aktif Tuition Centre. My father said that he got little time to look after my study this year. That was why he enrolled my sister and I. After three consecutive months, without fail, being at home before 7pm, after dinner and Maghrib prayer, my parents always in a rush sending us to the tuition centre by 8pm. Really stress for us - I complaint to my lovely teacher, Cikgu Suzainiwati about this. After thinking deeply, my father decided to withdraw us from the tuition centre starting from April 2009. And my father made me promise to him that I will self-study at home - going thru subjects that I have learnt that day and work on extra exercises on the alternate day.

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